The Big Tent: Talks for Mathematical Scientists

In honor of Professor Myron Allen's retirement

September 14--18, 2020

11:00--11:10 Jason Williford Opening Remarks
11:10--12:00 Bryan Shader Finding needles in haystacks---a simple use of the Implicit Function Theorem in Combinatorial Matrix Theory
12:10--13:00 Rongsong Liu Mathematical models for migratory birds
11:00--12:10 Man-Chuang Yeung Solution of large and sparse linear systems
12:10--13:00 Michelle Chamberlin The Research of a Mathematics Teacher Educator: Examining Factors that Influence Prospective Teachers' Mathematics Learning
11:00--11:50 Hakima Bessaih Stochastic homogenization for some porous media models
12:10--13:00 Saman Aryana Transport and Phase Behavior in Hierarchical Complex Permeable Media
11:00--11:50 Dan Stanescu Quantum Teleportation and Super-dense Coding: A look behind the scenes
12:10--13:00 Christina Knox Determining both the source of a wave and its speed in a medium from boundary measurements
13:00--13:30 Myron Allen Closing Remarks
17:30--18:30 Virtual reception at Gather Town

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